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Monday, May 23, 2011

Lake Erie exemption deleted from drilling bill

The Toledo Blade reported on Saturday that language exempting specifically exempting Lake Erie from a controversial bill to open state lands to drilling for oil and natural gas had been "quietly removed" from the legislation.

The bill in question is H.B.133. You can find an analysis of the bill here.

According to the Blade, Rep. Dennis Murray (D., Sandusky) said he will seek to reinsert the language when the House Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee takes up amendments on Tuesday. The bill could reach the full House floor as soon as Wednesday.

Rep. David Hall (R., Killbuck), the committee’s chairman, said removal of the language does not hint at an agenda to pursue drilling on and under Lake Erie.

My question is this: If there is no "agenda" in the no-drill language being "quietly removed" from the legislation, then why remove it? Are these guys up to something?

A coalition of 27 environment groups in Ohio, including the Buckeye Forestry Council, and the Ohio Environmental Council, and the Sierra Club sent a letter to Governor Kasich and the leader of the Ohio House to voice opposition to House Bill 133, which would open up State Parks to oil and gas drilling.

Contact your state rep. or senator, or call the Governor's office ASAP and voice your opposition to the removal of language protecting Lake Erie from oil and gas drilling.

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