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Friday, July 8, 2011

Marblehead Lighthouse open again for tours

I was happy to read in this Port Clinton News Herald story that the venerable Marblehead Lighthouse has reopened after being closed when cracks were discovered. After an inspection from top to bottom, however, engineers declared that the cracks were cosmetic only and the lighthouse should stand for at least another hundred years.

This is good news for everyone. The light at Marblehead is the oldest operating light on the Great Lakes and and just a cool place to go. The waves roll in from the northeast uninterrupted for almost 200 miles. It's a great spot to watch the big freighters to come up the lake from parts east, headed for Marblehead or Sandusky. It's also a popular wedding spot. My niece and nephew were both married there (not to each other, in case you were wondering.).

And it's also a great place to just sit and think. We could all do a little more of that.

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