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"I can hear my granddad's stories of the storms out on Lake Erie, where vessels and cargos and fortunes, and sailors' lives were lost." ~ James Taylor, Millworker

Monday, February 20, 2012

Winter morning

It's a beautiful winter morning on Lake Erie and I want to celebrate it by posting a few pics, so please enjoy them. There are just some things that cannot be conveyed adequately with a photograph but must be experienced, and perhaps this is one of them. So if these photographs capture just a hint of the wonder I feel then it's all good.

This is a good time to thank everyone who has become a regular visitor to this site or who at some time or other has been passing through. A few days ago I looked at my blog stats and realized I have surpassed 10,000 page views. Now I realize that in the scheme of things that's not a huge number and I also realize that some of those views are my own, but it still feels a little gratifying to see the numbers. Thank you all.

When I first began this site a little over a year ago I set out to create a place in which to celebrate the remarkable body of fresh water we call Lake Erie. It has been an unexpected joy. The lake has many issues that need attending to and I have tried to throw a little light on those, yet for me it still holds a sense of wonder and that is what pushes me to keep going, through photographs and stories. My goal this year is to increase my posting output if I can and hopefully generate more response from viewers. I especially welcome your ideas and thoughts.

Lake Erie is a wonderful treasure that calls out to us to be explored. Thank you for joining me on my journey!


  1. Beautiful pics Richard! And congrats on reaching 10,000 page views! That's quite an accomplishment!

  2. So beautiful. Did you take the pictures yourself? Is there an organization we can donate to to help preserve Lake Eerie?

  3. Hello Rich, this is Jonathan (we met earlier at Grounds for Thought coffee shop). Nice blog! I thought I would share with you some of my friend Matthew J Hoostal's research on the microbes of Lake Erie. Here is a study from 2008 which shows that Lake Erie microbes show adaptation to the presence of heavy metals:; here is another from 2008 which shows that Lake Erie microbes vary in part based on the presence of dissolved organic matter in their environment:

    1. Hi, Jonathan, I was great meeting you. Thanks for the links. I will follow up in the near future with a post on this subject.