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"I can hear my granddad's stories of the storms out on Lake Erie, where vessels and cargos and fortunes, and sailors' lives were lost." ~ James Taylor, Millworker

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Benson Ford Shiphouse to be featured on MTV

The Benson Ford Shiphouse will be featured Friday on MTV's new spin-off program "Extreme Cribs," according to the Port Clinton News-Herald.

The newest edition to the "MTV Cribs" franchise, "Extreme Cribs" is a 16-episode series that will showcase homes with peculiar features and design quirks that are unique, unusual, alternative and extreme. From scaling living spaces suspended in tree tops to crawling through cozy caverns built inside caves, viewers will be whisked away to the doorsteps of some of the most distinctive dwellings across the globe and meet the families who call these places home.

Friday's episode of the program will include a segment on Put-in-Bay's Benson Ford Shiphouse, owned by Bryan and Emily Kasper, of Sandusky. [read more here]

This house has a huge cool factor. The owner has a really neat website that has the house's history, floor plans, and lots of photos. Check out the site here.


  1. beatiful !! saludos soy de chilee

  2. Having worked on those types of ships and maybe even the Benson I find it ironic that anyone would want to live on one out of anything other than being a merchant seaman working the lakes!!!