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Friday, August 26, 2011

Latest HAB Bulletin Indicates Continuing Spread of Algae Bloom Over Western Lake Erie

Nowcast position of Microcystis spp. bloom for August 25 using GLCFS modeled currents to move the bloom from the August 23 image. Please note: Colored pixels in Sandusky Bay are due to a mixed bloom dominated by Planktothrix spp. (Courtesy NOAA)
The last Lake Erie Harmful Algal Bloom Bulletin issued by NOAA, just issued, reveals that the Microcystis bloom that began at the beginning of summer continues to fan out across the lake, engulfing most of the western basin. Satellite imagery for the first time shows the bloom spreading beyond Pelee Point and Sandusky Bay. Here are the particulars of the HAB Bulletin.

Conditions: A confirmed Microcystis bloom persists in Western Lake Erie.
Analysis: A large Microcystis bloom has spread throughout the western basin of Lake Erie. Since last Thursday the bloom has moved further North and East and seems to extend past Pelee Point on the north shore, and past Sandusky Bay to the south. Transport over the weekend is expected to move the bloom further to the east. Winds today may cause the surface expression of the bloom to decrease, followed by further intensification over the weekend.

You can download a PDF of the actual bulletin here or go to the HAB website.

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