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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Western Lake Erie deluged with rain; Waterspout spotted off Catawba

Photo submitted to media outlet by nonymous source on August 6th.
It started this morning about 1:45 with a big gust of wind. Then the rains came. It's now 3pm and they're still coming. Not that it never rains all day, but this is different. This weather system seems to be parked over this end of the lake and it's raining proverbial cats and dogs, unaccompanied by lightening and thunder.

The Catawba Island tornado siren went off at around 10am. Then this just in from toledoonthemove. The story is by Elizabeth Reed.
The National Weather Service in Cleveland has issued a special marine warning for Maumee Bay to Willowick until 11 a.m. on Sunday. At 9:30 a.m., marine weather spotters reported a thunderstorm producing a waterspout northeast of Catawba Island moving northeast at 5 knots.
Scattered showers and thunderstorms from west to the islands east to Avon Point have the potential to produce additional waterspouts this morning.
Waterspouts can easily overturn boats and create locally hazardous seas. Seek safe harbor immediately.
What astounds me, though, is that no one, I mean, no one in media was putting out any special reports. Now normally the Cleveland and Toledo TV stations will at least run those banners across the screen or put this little maps in one corner of the screen. A call to a relative in Toledo revealed that it had rained just a bit but otherwise they had no inclement weather to speak of, which could explain the lack of reporting.

But it's sure raining here, and it shows no inclination to stop anytime soon.

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