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"I can hear my granddad's stories of the storms out on Lake Erie, where vessels and cargos and fortunes, and sailors' lives were lost." ~ James Taylor, Millworker

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Honoring the Fallen

One hundred and ninety eight years ago a furious battle raged in Lake Erie somewhere off West Sister Island between two squadrons of ships, one American and one British, for control of Lake Erie.

Today another squadron, consisting of citizens determined to honor the fallen from that battle, put to sea aboard the Coast Guard Cutter Neah Bay and, at a spot somewhere near the original battle, placed a wreath, fashioned from red, white, and blue flowers, into the water.

The Battle of Lake Erie was one of the epic battles from the War of 1812. Its outcome firmly established the Americans as in control of Lake Erie, and the Northwest Territory. The solemn ceremony held today was a continuing remembrance of those who fought and died in that epic battle. Those present were also mindful that in two years we will be celebrating the battle's bicentennial, which will, in itself, be an epic event for this region.

I will provide more photos and commentary from this event soon.

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